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We are an eminent automation company offering solutions to improve operation efficiency. Our mission is offering the most economical answers to enhance your system with more innovative, powerful and cost-effective solutions to help your company to regain competitiveness.

Indcon Technology has 25 years of technical knowledge in Industrial Automation. Our projects cover Data Traceability, Automated Testing Process, Energy Saving, Water Monitoring System, Data Logging, Cloud Based System, Demo Kits and many more.

We provide

  • System Integration
  • PLC / HMI / SCADA Programming
  • Remote Monitoring / IoT / M2M / Telemetry
  • Retrofitting controller
  • Panel Fabrication / Site Wiring

Let us know your requirements today and we will work out a solution together!

Communication and connectivity between devices in systems are important for industrial automation. IXXAT offers a wide range of connectivity solutions for machines and development covering hardware, software and services for CAN technology. We are proud to be their authorized distributor for Singapore.

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Sensors are key monitoring devices in closed loop control systems to obtain data from the automation process. With regards to sensors, we are distributors for Trafag AG, a Switzerland brand of pressure sensors.

The range of these sensors include:

  • Pressure Sensors
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Level Sensors
  • Flow Sensors

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Sensors are also found in buildings as part of a building management system (BMS). To facilitate such systems, we are also distributors for Elvaco AB, a Swedish brand of BMS products for a variety of metering solutions such as data collection for wireless Mbus sensors.

Examples of these sensors include:

  • Wireless Mbus Water Meters
  • Wired Mbus Water Meters
  • Wireless Mbus Receivers
  • Control box for Mbus Sensors + Web-based monitoring solutions

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Our hardware and software experience cover a wide range of industrial products such as the following brands of Controller, HMI and SCADA.


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