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The powerful CAN Tool for Development, Testing and Service

The canAnalyser is a powerful, versatile tool for the development, testing and servicing of Controller Area Network based systems. The software package is based on a modular concept which combines exceptional openness and versatility.

The IXXAT canAnalyser is —

  • versatile

canAnalyser 3 – now even more powerful

The canAnalyser 3 has been optimally adapted to a wide variety of applications, based on frequent user feedback. By combining different analysis functions, network data (e.g. bus load or error telegrams) can be simultaneously evaluated at a glance, together with process variables or other signals. The statistics functions have been extended further and complemented by additional new modules (such as the histogram module) for providing even more detailed information. The flexibility of the software package as a whole is unique: different function modules can be directly modified in the integrated Scripting Host and in this way precisely aligned to the relevant application scenario.

New features from Version 3:

  • Control panel that is even easier to use – optimal user convenience and central access to all functions and interfaces
  • Docking functions – arrange the windows of your test setup according to your requirements
    Intuitive window synchronisation – double-click to jump to the same message in all info windows
  • Save window or module arrangements as “Layout” – optimal adaptation to various analysis tasks
  • Execute multiple instances of a module simultaneously (only in Standard version)
  • Multi-board support – up to 64 simultaneous CAN channels (only in Standard version)
  • Improved database support for signal interpretation – use of database signals in Receive and Transmit direction
  • Excellent statistics functions – statistics values (e.g. bus load, error frames) can be displayed directly as graphics together with database signals
  • Large numbers of statistics are made available as separate modules (scripts and C# sources included in scope of delivery). This enables simple adaptation to your specific requirements.

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