Embedded Platform (FRC-EP 170)

bild - Embedded Platform (FRC-EP 170)Embedded Platform (FRC-EP 170)

For use in vehicles and test benches
The IXXAT Embedded Platform has been proven in all applications where several bus systems must be merged within one device which has its own computing power.
At this, the PC is only required to setup the device or for data stimulation and visualization. The intelligence, for example to handle the transport protocols, is available on the Embedded Platform. The Embedded Platform has a very powerful micro processor and uses a real-time operating system. This allows to set-up stand alone applications, e.g. to connect several vehicle bus systems via a gateway without requiring a control PC. The required functionality can be activated on the device using appropriate runtime licenses.

Test bench

Within test benches, individual parts of a vehicle – e.g. electronic servo steering – can be tested isolated from the remaining vehicle. Especially FlexRay requires to locate the Embedded Platform nearby the device under test, to keep the interference with the bus topology as low as possible. For operation, most of the control units require – from their point of view – a simulation of the remaining vehicle bus system. Using the appropriate IXXAT tools, the Embedded Platform can be configured without own coding effort and provides the desired signals on the best possible interface for the test bench computer.

Functional simulation

The connected control units sometimes require a real time response on specific events. The response from a connected PC is often too slow or transmission times are not accurate definable. In these cases, functional simulations can be used on the devices, which allow realistic and very timely reactions.

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