IXXAT Inpact

IXXAT INpact connects your PC to any industrial network!

Until now, it has been complicated to develop applications for several fieldbus or industrial Ethernet standards since different interface cards and application programming interfaces had to be used. IXXAT INpact now simplifies this thanks to its protocol-independent approach. IXXAT INpact is an “all in one package solution“, including the PC interface card, the protocol processing and driver interfaces for your application.


Develop independent
inpact multi protocol - IXXAT Inpactof the protocol

IXXAT INpact comes with a comprehensive driver package for Windows and Linux with a C programming interface, enabling easy and rapid development of customer-specific applications – independent of the used board version and protocol. Thanks to the uniform programming interface, it is possible to switch quickly between protocols without extensive programming, leading to increased flexibility and a reduction in terms of development costs.

inpact pcie mini format - IXXAT Inpact

For industrial PCs and mobile devices

The INpact offering is available in three versions with different interfaces:

  • PCIe, including standard or low-profile slotbrackets
  • PCIe Mini, for devices with limited available space and mobile devices
  • M.2 for modern compact or mobile devices



ixxat inpact diagram - IXXAT Inpact

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